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Project Case Studies

Medallion-Lok from McElroy Metal tops signature barn project
Bossier City, La., February 20, 2020 — Rare is the barn that designer, builder, roofer and owner all consider a signature project. The Miller Barn in Churchville, Md., is that rare exception. In need of a new barn to store lawn equipment, a rural homeowner had the original barn on his property torn down to construct a new barn. The owner spared no expense on materials, ordered up some top-of-the-line products and topped it off with a standing seam metal roof from McElroy Metal.  View Complete Article

Roofer chooses McElroy Metal system for his own Texas home
Bossier City, La., January 7, 2019 — Most metal roofing installers have a project or two that stand out enough to use as models to sell more metal. Aaron Lenhart of Designer Roofing in Prosper, Texas, reroofed his home with a McElroy Metal standing seam roofing system and it has become a showcase for his roofing company.  View Complete Article

Variety of profiles, colors from McElroy Metal clads medical office building
Bossier City, La., November 13, 2019 — By specifying a variety of exposed fastener profiles from McElroy Metal on the Lewiston (Pa.) Community Health Center medical office building project, the design team was able to achieve the desired aesthetic and still construct a facility for the non-profit real estate development company with durability and budget constraints in mind.  View Complete Article

Innovation, desire for unique aesthetic drive design to McElroy Metal
Mini-Rib panels provide one-of-a-kind look for Texas townhouses
Bossier City, La., October 23, 2019 — Everyone likes to feel like they are unique in some way. Dallas area architects and a developer are teaming up to construct modern-looking townhouses for customers interested in cutting-edge aesthetics. The Mini-Rib panel from McElroy Metal is a key component to making it happen. View Complete Article

McElroy Metal’s ribbed wall panels refresh appearance for visitors at Cape Cod Potato Chip manufacturing facility
Bossier City, La., October 3, 2019 — Everyone wants to look their best for company. With its growing popularity, Cape Cod Potato Chips has seen its annual number of visitors grow to more than 250,000 at its manufacturing plant in Barnstable, Mass. The nearly 40-year-old facility was in need of a fresh look and ribbed metal wall panels from McElroy Metal were prescribed for the exterior renovation.  View Complete Article

Innovation, desire for unique aesthetic drives design to McElroy Metal
Mini-Rib panels provide one-of-a-kind look for Texas townhouses

​​Bossier City, La., September 26, 2019 — Everyone   View Complete Article

Multi-Cor from McElroy Metal installed as residential wall panels
Corrugated metal shines on architect’s unique river view home
Bossier City, La., August 6, 2019 — Practicality and product familiarity led an architect and his wife to choose corrugated metal panels for the exterior walls of the home they built for the view along the Mississippi River. McElroy Metal’s Multi-Cor panels, installed horizontally, provided the durability and unique aesthetic they were looking for.  View Complete Article

Florida roof re-cover eliminates leaks and any reason for tear-off
McElroy Metal’s 238T is the only HVHZ-rated structural aluminum panel approved in Florida
Bossier City, La., July 16, 2019 — Advanced Roofing Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., runs its operation by the belief that what the customer wants, the customer gets. The Solid Waste Authority (SWA) in West Palm Beach, Fla., had a building with an aging and leaking R-panel metal roofing system. “It was leaking everywhere,” says Mike Scardina, the Sheet Metal Department Manager at Advanced Roofing. “The original roof looked to be over 20 years old.”  View Complete Article

Roof re-cover meets challenges of historic integrity
Bossier City, La., June 11, 2019 — Some roofers are simply cut out to do their thing in the spotlight. Empire Roofing of Austin, Texas, executed the removal of an existing leaking stainless-steel metal roof and the installation of McElroy Metal’s 238T symmetrical copper standing seam roofing system on a historic centerpiece building on the campus of Sam Houston State University. View Complete Article

McElroy Metal exposed fastener panels brighten urban neighborhood
Bossier City, La., May 14, 2019 — Confined to designing a 2,500 square foot residence on a narrow 20-foot by 60-foot lot in a dense urban neighborhood, David W. Nitchkey, principal at CORE Architects of Pittsburgh, designed his own unique three-story home with the use of exposed fastener panels from McElroy Metal.  View Complete Article

Symmetrical standing seam roofing system installed as a re-cover with unique detail and without interrupting operations inside the building
'Transverse' panels installed above skylights to prevent leaks
Bossier City, La., April 16, 2019 — The versatility of a symmetrical standing seam metal roofing system has given birth to a new way of dealing with damaged metal roofing. Northwest Distributors in Hays, Kan., is a busy warehouse, dealing with auto parts and supplies. The R-panel roofing on the original building and an addition both sustained damage in several hailstorms over the years. After a 2017 hailstorm, the insurance company for Northwest Distributors agreed a new roof was needed and it would cover the damage. The tried and true method of replacement involves complete roofing tear-off and replacement. Obviously, this would expose the valuable contents of the facility to the elements. Roofmasters Roofing & Sheet Metal of Hays proposed the patented 238T tall clip re-cover using the 238T symmetrical standing seam roofing system from McElroy Metal.  View Complete Article

Roof re-cover with symmetrical metal standing seam panels chosen to solve transition leaks in Texas school
Bossier City, La., December 20, 2018 — The roof re-cover at Roma High School in Roma, Texas, was a long time coming. Leaks at various transition points were causing excessive damage. Ultimately, the school district decided to invest in a major renovation, which ended up including new metal roofing, new low slope roofing, repairs to masonry and metal walls, as well as the replacement of windows and skylights. The biggest fix ended up being the original roofing, which required 233,335 square feet of McElroy Metal’s symmetrical standing seam metal roofing in PVDF Brite Red. A leaky tile roof was removed and replaced with McElroy’s 138T symmetrical standing seam metal roofing. Additionally, the company’s 238T symmetrical standing seam metal roofing was used to re-cover an existing R-panel.  View Complete Article

Green Span Profiles, McElroy Metal team up on CubeSmart project
Bossier City, La., October 25, 2018 — There’s nothing wrong with constructing any building to be aesthetically attractive, including a self-storage facility. CubeSmart storage facilities in Cranston, R.I., has embraced a new-look storage facility and enhanced the attractiveness by erecting energy efficient buildings through the use of insulated metal panels (IMPs).  View Complete Article

South Carolina YMCA features curved standing seam roof by McElroy Metal
BOSSIER CITY, La., August 8, 2018 – One majestic wave tops the new Clover School District YMCA natatorium. The standing seam metal roof from McElroy Metal achieved the aesthetic the community was looking for and the architect delivered.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal Cor-Ten AZP Raw helps major renovation of a Wisconsin ironworking plant
BOSSIER CITY, La., July 19, 2018 – Beloit, an industrial city along the Rock River in southeast Wisconsin, has undergone a facelift during recent years. Among the largest renovations has been at the original Beloit Corporation, which closed its doors in 1999 after more than 140 years. The property was purchased in 2001 by Diane and the late Ken Hendricks, who then began redevelopment of the property. Nearly 50 different businesses occupy or plan to occupy space in the building, renamed Ironworks. To maintain the historic industrial appearance, Cor-Ten AZP Raw corrugated panels from McElroy Metal were installed on exterior walls and used in a variety of interior locations as design accents. As the renovation continues, more Cor-Ten AZP Raw will be installed.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal’s 238T symmetrical roofing system meets requirements of architect, building owner
BOSSIER CITY, La., May 18, 2018 – The new Saia LTL Freight facility in St. Peters, Mo., was designed with company branding in mind. The colors and products chosen, including metal roofing from McElroy Metal, were a true team decision.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal’s roof recover system helps preserve historic school
BOSSIER CITY, La., March 26, 2018 – Multiple problems, including an aging structure and a failing asphalt roof, led Bibb County (Ga.) Schools to recover the roof of historic Alexander II Magnet School with the 138T symmetrical standing seam metal roof from McElroy Metal. The original building that housed the Alexander II Magnet School in Macon, Ga., was completed in 1902. Several significant additions through the years have brought the entire facility up to 41,650 square feet. In June 2000, Alexander II was named to the list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  View Complete Article

​McElroy Metal adds solar panels to California manufacturing plant
BOSSIER CITY, La., March 1, 2018 – Because you can never save too much, McElroy Metal has added solar panels to a second manufacturing facility that will more than offset the plant’s electrical usage and show a return on investment in approximately three years. View Complete Article

Wave panel from McElroy Metal a key component in award-winning façade rejuvenation in Wisconsin

BOSSIER CITY, La., November 6, 2017 – Replacing the aged and dated vinyl siding on the façade of a commercial building with a combination of wood and metal from McElroy Metal was an award-winning decision.  View Complete Article

Retrofit roofing project challenges installers’ measuring skills
Multiple hips and tapered panels top the North Atlanta Church of Christ
BOSSIER CITY, La., October 3, 2017 – It’s always good practice to measure twice and cut once. Sometimes, it pays to measure more than twice. After tearing off aged and damaged asphalt shingles, Ideal Building Solutions of Norcross, Ga., installed 15,631 square feet of standing seam metal panels on a multi-hipped roof at the North Atlanta Church of Christ on a strict deadline. In just two days, the panels were manufactured onsite by a roll former from McElroy Metal.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal part of award winning equestrian community facility
Max-Rib panels specified and installed as roofing and most of the walls
BOSSIER CITY, La., July 28, 2017 – The residents of the Marlboro Ridge Housing Community were promised equestrian facilities before the recession hit and brought the project to a halt about 10 years ago. Some things are worth waiting for. After the long wait, Fuog/InterBuild Inc. of Purceville, Va., was given the go-ahead to construct the centerpiece horse barn in Upper Marlboro, Md. The 9,821-square-foot post-frame facility is topped with Max-Rib panels from McElroy Metal and sided with a combination of Max-Rib panels, HardiPlank lap siding and some brick accents.  View Complete Article

Some customers know what they want, won’t settle for anything else
Texas homeowner insists on Milan profile from McElroy Metal
BOSSIER CITY, La., April 25, 2017 – A North Texas homeowner was looking to replace the home’s concrete tile roof, damaged by hail, and searched high and low for a more durable and attractive choice. During an online search, she happened to find the Milan metal roofing profile from McElroy Metal. That’s what she wanted.  View Complete Article

Hail damage helps roofer-homeowner get his ‘dream roof’
McElroy Metal’s 138T provides ease of replacement on future damaged panels
BOSSIER CITY, La. October 17, 2016 – It’s a rare occasion when the roofing installer knows and understands everything about what the customer wants. The best chance of that happening is when the installer and the customer are the same person. Ronnie McGlothlin, president and owner of Empire Roofing in Fort Worth, Texas, had successfully installed McElroy Metal’s 2-3/8-inch 238T symmetrical standing seam panel on several commercial and industrial projects. That led McGlothlin to choose symmetrical standing seam panels for his home – the 138T system, a 1-3/8-inch high seam recommended for steeper slope, solid deck applications like residential projects.  View Complete Article

‘Endless options’ by McElroy Metal provide durable aesthetic for new YMCA
BOSSIER CITY, La. August 26, 2016 – Taking advantage of the color and profile options provided by McElroy Metal, architects for the Pickens County (S.C.) YMCA were able to provide an innovative and attractive aesthetic to the new building on campus, but still make it fit in with surrounding structures.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal installer manufactures, curves panel on military base
BOSSIER CITY, La., May 17, 2016 – For more than a decade, the patrons of the Reece Point Club House at Coyote Run Golf Course were forced to put up with a leaky roof at the entrances. Rua and Son Mechanical of Lincoln, Calif., took a little extra care with the installation of the 238T Plank and Pencil Rib standing seam metal roof from McElroy Metal to solve the issues.   View Complete Article

McElroy Metal’s onsite panel machine aids theater roof completion on deadline
BOSSIER CITY, La. August 7, 2015 – Because the show must go on, what served as a canopy-style roof at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston needed repairs in short order. Byrne Metals installed more than 18,000 square feet of copper 238T standing seam panels during the 5-month offseason by calling in the roll former from McElroy Metal that runs panels right onto the roof deck.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal supplies custom colors on perforated panels
Garage façade meets code and represents ‘look of movement’
BOSSIER CITY, La. June 9, 2015 – Anything worth doing is worth doing right. The five-story parking garage at 112 East 5th Street in Austin, Texas was treated with custom colors on perforated façade panels from McElroy Metal. The install required a little extra care to ensure the color pattern was right.  View Complete Article

McElroy Metal teams with Valspar, ProCLAD on signature Texas project
BOSSIER CITY, La. April 7, 2015 – Teamwork and communication led to the successful construction of the JW Marriott in downtown Austin, Texas. McElroy Metal products and partners helped get everyone on the same page to achieve the aesthetic and structural goals of everyone involved.   View Complete Article

McElroy Metal panels formed, curved onsite for civic center re-roof
‘Archzilla’ rolls out new roof at eaves for Waxahachie project
BOSSIER CITY, La., January 28, 2015 – How do you handle a monster job? You call in your own monster: “Archzilla” from McElroy Metal. ECI Consultants strongly recommended installing metal roofing over the top of the old system, specifically, a symmetrical metal roofing system from McElroy Metal. View Complete Article

Variety of McElroy Metal products assist on learning center
PEACHTREE CITY Ga., December 9, 2014 – Aesthetics and durability were the focus during the specification of a variety of products from McElroy Metal in the construction of the Kid’s Castle Learning Center’s third location. View Complete Article

McElroy Metal panels curved onsite for fire station installation
BOSSIER CITY, La., November 24, 2014 – Everyone notices curves and everyone will notice the seven barrel roofs on the new Tyler Fire Station #5 in Tyler, Texas. McElroy Metal manufactured and delivered more than 14,000 square feet of its Maxima ADV 2-inch tall standing seam panels in PVDF Medium Bronze – chosen because of its similarities to the traditional brass that adorned historic fire engines. The striated 16-inch wide panels were manufactured from 24-gauge Galvalume. View Complete Article

McElroy Metal re-roofs Peachtree facility, adds solar panels
PEACHTREE CITY Ga., Jan. 15, 2014 – It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of your metal roofing products and how those products can serve as a host for photovoltaic panels. It’s quite another thing to re-roof your manufacturing facility with your panels and add photovoltaic panels. View Complete Article